Wheelchair Ramps St. Louis | Wheelchair Ramp Installation

Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift is proud to be the exclusive dealer for The National Ramp Company in the greater St. Louis area. We offer the best and most unique modular wheelchair ramp systems available. We have a full service ramp program that includes new, used and rental ramp systems.

What you need to know about Wheelchair ramps in St. Louis. Regular wheelchair ramps constructed of wood or concrete require a building permit in the following counties:

St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County and Jefferson County

This means that the ramp will need to follow local building codes and regulations since it is a permanent structure. This drives the cost up astronomically and makes it prohibitive as a temporary solution.

Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift offers modular wheelchair ramp systems in wood, steel and aluminum. One advantage to modular systems is they are considered temporary by the local counties so there is much more flexibility in design and cost. For more information about these systems please give us a call.