Residential / Commercial Wheelchair Lifts St. Louis

Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift offers a full line of interior and exterior wheelchair lifts in the Greater St. Louis area. We are a factory trained authorized dealer for the lifts we carry so you can rest assured your lift will be installed correctly and will retain its full factory warranty.

Wheelchair lifts for homes and businesses consist of two main types, Incline platform lifts or (IPL) and vertical platform lifts or (VPL). These lifts can be configured many different ways but both types of machines allow a wheelchair user to gain access to an area at a different elevation level without having to transfer from their wheelchair.

These units can make a great alternative to wheelchair ramps when there is a significant elevation change since they take up much less space than a wheelchair ramp. This also allows them to be installed in an area where there is not enough space available for a conventional ramp system to be installed. For more information about having a wheelchair lift installed contact us today!