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Starla Curved Stair Lift

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The Starla stair lift for curved stairs is the most customizable stair lift model available on the market today. It is a safe dependable machine that offers many advanced features and multiple options to customize it to your home. When it comes to safety and reliability Stannah stair lifts are second to none and the Starla chair is a great choice for stairs that turn. Some of the key features are as follows

  • Rail is custom made for your staircase so you can be assured the chair will fit properly and have fantastic ride quality.
  • Safe and comfortable rack and pinion drive system
  • The Starla will run in the event of a power outage
  • Unique design allows the footrest to be safely folded without having to bend over
  • Simple easy to use seat belt
  • Multiple upholstery choices including light or dark wood trim
  • Seat Load sensor to prevent accidental movements
  • Swivel seat that allows you to safely exit at the top of the stairs
  • Folds completely allowing others to easily navigate the stairs
  • Can be configured so the chair is parked of the stairs allowing more access
  • Two remote controls come standard allowing the chair to be called from the top or bottom of the stairs
  • Attaches directly to the stairs and not the wall

With the Siena Straight stairlift, you can choose from several different colors. Customize your stair lift to suite your taste and travel in style! We have multiple color options for the upholstery, wood trim available in dark and light colors and rail color options. Contact us for more information!

Standard Dimensions for Starla Curved Stair Lift Chair

  • Min. width of unfolded stairlift: 679mm / 26.7"
  • Min. width of folded stairlift: 405mm / 16"
  • Max. weight: 265lbs

Starla Curved Stair Lift | Stair Lift Installation

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Special Features

  • Ultimate in Safety +

    An included seatbelt and safety sensors, the Starla stair lift for curved staircases is safer than ever. You won't have to risk a fall walking up and down the stairs ever again!
  • Customizable Design +

    With various color options available for both the seat and the railing, you can customize your stair lift to suite your style preferences and fit in well with your home decor.
  • Easy to Use +

    With an integrated, easy to operate directional button on the chair it has never been simpler to navigate between floors. With optional wall controls you can even "call" the chair from another level to you.
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  • Jule G. Lake St. Louis, MO

    Jule G. Lake St. Louis, MO

    "Installation went smooth & in a timely manner. Spent time going over usage & demonstration. Was very patient w/ my

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