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Mobility Solutions and Stair Lifts in St Peters MO

The city of St. Peters Missouri is a thriving suburban community 30 miles northwest of St. Louis. This suburban area stems from humble roots. St. Peters was named after a Jesuit Mission that was established there. Historically a small farming town as recently as the 1970's, the population soared in the 1980's and 1990's to around 53,000 residents in 2010. Today, St. Peters is home to many veterans and the city features several memorial locations. The city also features the “Rec-Plex” a multi-million dollar award-winning fitness center and recreation complex and the country's largest shopping center. St Peters has many great housing options and business opportunities. Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift is proud to serve the community by offering mobility solutions in St. Peters. We are committed to offering services and products to help you maintain your independent lifestyle.

Stair Lift Services in St Peters MO | Stair Lift Rental

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One of our most popular services we provide in the city of St Peters, stair lifts are a practical and safe way to make the stairs in your home manageable. Our factory trained professional installers can customize stair lifts installation in St Peters to fit your home and individual tastes. Our feature rich Stannah stair lifts offer safety sensors, folding foot rests, many colors to choose from and a variety of control options. Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift offers residential stair lifts in St. Peters to fit your needs and budget. We have new, used and rental stair lift options available. Our friendly staff can help you find the stair lift in St. Peters that best fits your needs. Click here to learn more about our stair lifts we offer in St. Peters.

Walk in Tubs in St Peters | Walk in Bathtubs

One of the most important factors that allow people to age in place is a safe bathroom and there are few things more comforting than soaking in a warm tub. Walk in tubs in St. Peters allow for a safe and dignified bathing experience. Our walk in bathtubs look great and come in a variety of models to suit your needs and personal style. We also offer tub cuts and conversion kits that allow us to convert your old tub into a walk in if buying a new bathtub is not an option. Click here to learn more about our walk in bathtubs.

Wheelchair Lifts in St Peters | Platform Lifts

Wheelchair lifts offer a practical way to manage stairs without having to leave your chair. Our wheelchair lifts in St. Peters can be installed in places too high for wheelchair ramps to reach or in places where a ramp is not desired. We offer both interior and exterior wheel chair lifts in a variety of styles. Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift carries both incline platform lifts and vertical platform lifts for both residential and commercial wheelchair lift installation in St. Peters MO. Wheelchair lifts can be purchased new and used or you can take advantage of one of our rental programs. Our factory trained authorized staff can help guide you in deciding what wheelchair lift is best for you. Please Click here to learn more about our wheelchair lift services we provide in St. Peters.

Wheelchair Ramps in St. Peters | Wheelchair Ramp Rental

If you're planning to build your own wheelchair ramp, than it is important to consider that in St. Charles County, building permits are required. This not only takes time to apply for the proper permits but quickly adds to the cost of installation. Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift are authorized dealers of the National Ramp Company modular wheelchair ramps. These modular wheelchair ramps in St. Peters are considered temporary and do not require the expensive building permit. Not to mention they are well constructed, attractive and safe. Hildebrant Mobility and Lift offers wheelchair ramps in a variety of materials including: wood, steel and aluminum. We provide new, used and rental wheelchair ramps as well. All the wheelchair ramps we carry are slip resistant, weather resistant and attractive. There are different advantages to each material that our staff would be happy to discuss with you. If you would like to learn more about the wheelchair ramp services we provide in St Peters than feel free to click here.

Ceiling Lifts in St. Peters | Ceiling Lift Rental

Ceiling lifts are a flexible mobility solution that keep both patients and caregivers free from injury while moving from common locations such as bed to the restroom etc. These lifts can range from semi-permanent installations featuring track mounted units to portable ceiling lifts that can be easily moved from location to location. These practical devices are affordable solutions for everyday mobility needs. Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift offers both commercial and residential ceiling lift installation in St. Peters MO. To find out more about the ceiling lifts we offer in St. Peters please click here.

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