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The city of O'Fallon Missouri has been named on Money Magazines List of America's best places to live for the 5th consecutive time in 2014. It has been touted as one of the “20 safest cities in America” by CQ Press. O'Fallon is located near the confluence of two major interstates making it an ideal place for businesses to call home. A once sleepy rail road town, O'Fallon saw a major population boom in the 1980's and since 1990 the population has quadrupled. This new population growth has allowed O'Fallon to enjoy the benefits of growth while still maintaining it's history, downtown area and traditions. O'Fallon is a great place to live and Hildebrandt Mobility is proud to serve the people of O'Fallon.

Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift offers a wide range of disability services in O'Fallon MO. Our staff is always professional and never pushy. Our consultations are friendly, through and free. If you have a mobility need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stair Lifts in O'Fallon MO | Stair Lift Installation

A stair lift is a great way to maintain one's independence and drastically lessen the danger of injury on the stairs. Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift are proud factory authorized dealers and factory trained installers of Stannah stair lifts. Our installations maintain the factory warranty and our service is second to none. We offer many styles of stair lifts in O'Fallon MO and work with you to find the perfect stair lift that fits your budget and your needs. We offer new, used and rental stair lift mobility solutions for your home. Call us today for a free consultation or to learn more about our stair lifts in O'Fallon

Walk In Tubs in O'Fallon MO | Walk In Bathtub Installation

Walk in tubs are an attractive mobility solution because they can be easily concealed and add value to your home. Recent advances in walk in bathtub technology allow for easier installation, more attractive tubs and lower prices. Often, we can convert your existing bathtub into a walk in tub. Our creative and professional staff can provide you with a free bath room consultation. Contact Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift today to speak with our friendly staff or to learn more about our walk in tubs in O'Fallon.

Ceiling Lifts | Ceiling Lifts in O'Fallon MO

Ceiling lifts offer temporary or semi-permanent mobility solutions for situations such as moving from a wheel chair to the restroom or to and from the bed. Ceiling lifts in O'Fallon provide safety for both health care providers and patients alike by lessoning the potential for injury. They are low impact and unobtrusive. Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift can advise you as to which ceiling lift is the best option for you. We offer new, used, rental and portable ceiling lift models. Contact us today for a free ceiling lift consultation today or to learn more about our ceiling lifts in O'Fallon.

Wheelchair Ramps in O'Fallon MO | Rental Wheelchair Ramps

Building a wheelchair ramp in O'Fallon MO can quickly become more expensive than one would think when you consider that concrete and wooden wheelchair ramps require expensive building permits. Our wheelchair ramps are modular ramps that St. Louis County considers temporary and therefore do not require expensive permits. Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift are the proud sole dealers of The National Ramp Company wheelchair ramps in O'Fallon and the greater St. Louis area. We offer ramps in a variety of materials and styles so your wheelchair ramp is not only safe and functional but stylish as well. We offer new, used and rental wheelchair ramps in O'Fallon MO. Let our friendly staff provide you with a free wheelchair ramp consultation.

Wheelchair Lifts in O'Fallon MO | Platform Lifts

A wheelchair lift can be installed in places that a wheelchair ramp can't due to space restrictions or personal preference. Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift offers both indoor and outdoor platform lifts in O'Fallon MO. One advantage to wheelchair ramps, wheelchair lifts and platform lifts is that the user does not have to exit their wheelchair to gain access to higher ground. As always, we provide new, used and rental options. Our professional and friendly staff would be happy to discuss your options with you and can often give you a quote right over the phone. Contact us today to discuss your mobility needs or to learn more about our wheelchair lifts in O'Fallon!

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