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Disability Services in Chesterfield MO | Stair Lifts

Chesterfield MO is a thriving community located 25 miles west of downtown St. Louis. It is situated along I-64 and covers approximately 32 square miles of rolling hills and green valleys. The Chesterfield area has been inhabited for at least 1000 years with some artifacts being dated at nearly 4000 years old. Although the area is rich with history, Chesterfield is a fairly young city being officially incorporated in 1988. Today Chesterfield MO is an eclectic blend of state-of-the-art office buildings, rustic farm land, rolling hills, shopping centers and gorgeous homes. Chesterfield has 2 top rated school systems, St. Luke’s Hospital, many places of worship, retirement communities and many historical attractions. All these factors combine to make Chesterfield MO a wonderful community to live, work and play in. Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift is proud to do business in Chesterfield MO. We offer a wide range of mobility and disability solutions in Chesterfield MO.

Stair Lifts in Chesterfield MO | Stair Lift Installers

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Stair lifts in Chesterfield MO are becoming an increasingly popular service as the population ages. As the premier stair lift installer in Chesterfield MO, Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift only carries the finest Stannah stair lifts. Our professional staff can advise you on the variety of lifts we carry and installation options we offer. Our technicians are factory trained and certified which means that the manufacturer’s warranty remains intact after installation. If your stair lift ever needs serving, there’s no need to search for a service company, just contact our friendly staff. Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift offers a variety of options to fit every budget and every need. We offer new, used, and rental stair lifts in Chesterfield MO. Contact us today for a free consultation with our professional stair lift installers in Chesterfield.

Walk In Tubs in Chesterfield | Walk In Bathtub Installers

Walk in tubs are another great way to make your home a safer allowing you to maintain a high level of independence. Walk in bathtubs are becoming a more and more cost effective mobility solution and Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift offers more installation options than ever before. As mobility technology has advanced, the cost and difficulty of installation have both decreased. In fact, we offer tub cuts which allow your home bathtub to be converted into a walk in tub. Contact Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift for a free walk in tub consultation.

Wheelchair Ramps in Chesterfield MO | Rental Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps in Chesterfield MO are often complicated and expensive undertakings because building permits must be obtained for their construction in St. Louis County but they don’t have to be! At Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift we are proud to be the exclusive dealers of The National Ramp Company in the St. Louis City and St. Louis County areas. The wheelchair ramps we carry are modular and therefore not considered permanent structures and do not require an expensive building permit. We also offer a line of rental wheelchair ramps in Chesterfield as well. Our sturdy and attractive ramps come in a variety of styles and construction materials. Contact us today to learn more about our wheelchair ramps we offer in Chesterfield MO.

Wheelchair Lifts in Chesterfield MO | Platform Lifts

Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift also offers wheelchair lift installation in Chesterfield MO. Wheelchair lifts take up less space and can reach places where ramps are inconvenient or undesirable. Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift offers several different models of new used and rental wheelchair lifts in Chesterfield, MO. We can often give an estimate right over the phone. Please feel free to contact our friendly staff today to learn more about our wheel chair lifts in Chesterfield MO.

Ceiling Lifts in Chesterfield MO | Ceiling Lift Rental Chesterfield MO

Ceiling lifts are a great mobility solution. Ceiling lifts can be portable or semi-permanent installs. These lifts are useful for moving in and out of bed or to the restroom. They keep both the patient and the care giver safe from the injuries associated with moving from place to place. Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift carries only the highest quality name brand lifts. These lift systems can be easily customized to fit the users need and the space that they are installed in. If you’re interested in a ceiling lift in Chesterfield, MO, let our staff guide you. Contact us today to learn more about our ceiling lifts in Chesterfield

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