Ceiling Lift Installation St. Louis | Portable Ceiling Lifts

There are several different types and styles of ceiling lifts ranging from portable units to fixed units with a track that is installed in the ceiling. Whatever your needs, Hildebrandt works with the top quality suppliers for ceiling lifts. We work with clients to provide better quality of care for loved ones, supplying unique and innovative mobility systems. Our ceiling lift systems will allow mobility in many situations such moving from bed to a wheelchair, the restroom or otherwise difficult situations.

Ceiling Lifts Systems Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift offers a complete line of ceiling lift systems that are customized and configured to meet the users needs and requirements of the building it is installed in. These systems allow someone to be safely transferred to and from various places such as wheelchairs, restrooms and beds. By utilizing a ceiling lift the chances of injury to the patient and caretaker is drastically reduced. For sales and installation of residential and commercial systems please call us today.