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Stair Lifts: Choosing the Right Brand and Dealer

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Stair Lifts: Choosing the Right Brand and Dealer

All stair lifts and stair lift dealers are not the same and care should be taken when choosing both. As with anything else if it seems to good to be true it probably is. We realize that everyone has a budget and that you may not want or need the most expensive stair lift on the market. That being said you should never sacrifice safety or quality when choosing a stair lift. Take a moment to think about the consequences of falling down the staircase because of a malfunction.

This could be the single most important step in choosing a stair lift. Working with the right people will help you avoid dangerous and costly issues.

Stair lift installation should only be performed by a trained technician and self-installation should not be attempted. We receive numerous calls each week from people looking for help that have purchased a new or used stair lift off of the internet and cannot get the stair lift to work properly if at all after attempting a self-installation. As with any mechanical device stair lifts do need to be serviced and or repaired from time to time so choosing a full-service local dealer is a wise decision.

Take a look at all of your options!

Always look at the manufacturers reviews on the BBB website and check consumer complaint websites to see how many complaints there are for each brand you are considering. Another key thing to look at is the warranty as many companies sell lifts at a discounted rate by offering little or no warranty. Often the difference in cost between a quality lift with a full warranty and an inferior lift with little or no warranty is as little as 25% of the total cost. After a bit of research it becomes obvious which stair lifts are made with quality in mind and which ones are not.

Choosing the right dealer is imperative and there are a few things to look at when considering one. Does their insurance policy cover them for stair lift installation? Some manufacturers subcontract installations through local handymen that are not covered for this type of work. How many stair lifts do they install a year? Many companies that sell stair lifts actually install very few in a year because their primary focus is on durable medical equipment or automotive access solutions. What type of relationship do they have with their manufacturer? A quality dealer will have a good reputation and relationship with their manufacturer so give them a call and inquire about potential dealers. Feel free to contact us, we're happy to speak with you.

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