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Tips For Choosing The Right Walk In Tub for Your St Louis Home

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Walk in Tub Basics

Walk in bath tubs are specially designed bath tubs featuring a watertight, hinged door which allows for easier entry. They make bathing safer which often allows people with mobility challenges and the elderly to age in the comfort of their own home.

The most basic type of walk in tub is the soaker tub. Most walk in tubs in St Louis come standard with a built in seat, grip bars and a hand held shower. High end therapeutic models offer such features as hydrotherapeutic massage jets, air jets, temperature control and even aromatherapy. The type of tub you choose will depend on the layout of your bathroom, your physical needs, personal preference and your budget

Walk in Tub Size

Walk in tubs come in many sizes and shapes but there are some commonalities. Typically, walk in bath tubs feature higher walls than standard tubs. Most walk in tubs are designed to fit in the 60 inch space a normal bath tub occupies. Although there are standard bath tub sizes, some bathrooms have smaller or larger than standard spaces for bath tubs. If you're not sure what size bath tub your bathroom will accommodate it is best to consult with a professional walk in tub installer.

What Type of Door Should I Choose?

Walk in tubs will feature either an inward swinging door or an outward swinging door. Inward swinging doors work best in smaller bathrooms where space is limited. Outward swinging doors are useful for wheel char users and larger people. Some outward swinging doors are shaped to swing out over the toilet which is often times located close to the tub.

Other Considerations

If you're sensitive to cold, consider finding a tub that features fast fill and fast draining. One draw back to the walk in tub is that the user must enter the tub before filling and must drain the tub before exiting. For some living in colder climates this can be a chilly experience! Fast drains are pump-assisted and drain much more quickly than standard drains allow. If the idea of waiting for the tub to drain is an absolute deal breaker, consider a walk in shower instead or a walk in tub that features a hand held shower head.

The next step is to find a local walk in tub company that offers free walk in tub consultations and estimates. Contact us today to learn more about the walk in tubs Hildebrandt Mobility and Lift now offers in St. Louis and the surrounding area.

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